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Lenses & Materials

Your eyes are constantly reacting to the world around you. In the average day, your eye muscles will use as much energy proportionately as your leg muscles would if you walked 50 miles. The average person blinks 11,500 times each day- 4.2 million times each year.

Your eyes work hard and your eyesight is important, so you need to select the best vision solutions for you and your lifestyle. Below you will find all the different options available to you.

Lens Design

  • Single Vision – This lens provides vision correction for one viewing area distance or near.
  • No-Line Progressives – A multi focal lens that allows you to see distance, intermediate and near without lines.
  • Bifocals – Provides vision for both far and near in one lens, divided by a visible line.
  • Trifocals – Provides vision in the distance, intermediate and near, each divided by a visible line.
  • Aspherics – Lighter and thinner than standard plastic with less distortion as the wearer looks to the edge of the lens. Also reduces the soda bottle effect of eye magnification.

Specialty Lenses

  • Industrial/Occupational Lenses – Special designs offered for different occupation, hobby, visual and Safety requirements.
  • Computer Lenses – The design of this lens is to provide the best vision for you while working at the computer.
  • Sports Lenses – Lighter, thinner and more impact resistant than plastic and UV protection is included.

Lens Treatments

  • Ultraviolet Protection – To protect your eyes from harmful rays we recommend ultra violet coating on all lenses.
  • Scratch Resistant Coating – Protects your lenses from everyday wear and tear.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating – A coating to reduce distracting reflections, the benefits include more light transmitted, better quality of vision, improved night vision and reduced eye fatigue.
  • Photochromics – A changeable tint going from almost clear to a sunglass depending on how much UV is hitting them.

Lens Materials

  • Plastic – Lighter than glass and can be tinted.
  • High Index – Thinner and lighter weight lens used for strong prescriptions.
  • High Impact Resistance – Recommended for anyone who needs superior protection, these lenses are lightweight and shatterproof.
  • Glass – Offers superior optics and is the most scratch resistant material. Glass is heavier than other materials and less safe.

Sun Lenses

  • Polarized Lenses – The best option for eliminating glare, polarization eases eyestrain and fatigue in bright sunlight.
  • Tinted Lenses – Many shades and colors are available.
  • Mirrored Lenses – Provide a reflective surface that makes the eye almost invisible to others while protecting you from glare.